Business Summary:
Anchor Bay Corporation diversifies its' asset base by investing outside the oil and gas industry. The company and its' partnerships have invested in commercial real estate, venture capital funding activities, and common stock and bonds. Our goal is to find promising start-up companies with good management and take an equity position.


The company's past involvement's have included:

  • financing a computer tech magazine
  • owning and operating a Denver area restaurant and nightclub
  • financing a composting plant in Portland, Oregon
  • building a gas fractionating plant in Alabama
  • providing bridge financing for a Colorado marble quarry
  • owning and operating apartment buildings
  • owning and operating a high speed wireless internet service in New Mexico

Current Investments:

The company has taken an equity position in Alcohol Monitoring Systems located here in Denver, Colorado. For more information, click on the icon for a link to their site. The company also maintains a portfolio of listed common stock and government securities.

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