Business Summary:
Anchor Bay Corporation is a privately owned oil and gas exploration and production company located in Denver, Colorado. The company owns primarily royalty and overriding royalty interests in 150 non-operated wells located throughout the Rocky Mountain region. Anchor Bay Corporation is also the general partner and largest shareholder of Rancho Partnership LTD. In addition the company acquires acreage positions for sale and exploitation in partnership with other oil and gas companies.


Anchor Bay Corporation has acquired over 35,000 acres in Perry and Crawford Counties, Indiana primarily targeting the New Albany Gas Shale located at depths between 1,300' to 1,800' with an average of 125' of pay zone. We secured 5 year paid up leases with 5 year extension options. There exists potential shallow Mississippian with deeper Devonian and Ordovician oil pay zones throughout the project area. Our leases include a position over an undepleted Tar Springs formation reservoir with 34 API gravity oil at 150' depth and an abandoned Jackson formation reservoir at 242' in depth that produced 997,918 BO. Silurian pinnacle reefs are additional potential targets.


Anchor Bay Corporation has leased 20,000 acres on the southern flank of the Uinta basin and just south of the prolific San Arroyo field that has cumlative production of 1/4 TCF of gas. This is a continuos Federal acreage block with 5 years remaining on the term of the lease. Our acreage also has a Mancos Shale play at approximately 2,700' in depth that offsets a well that has produced 60,000 BO. A 1960's Dakota penetration tested 891 MCFD of gas from less than 1,000' in depth. There also exists Cedar Mountain and Morrison multiple fluvial sand plays.

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